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Monday, October 8, 2012

tiburon soccer game

due to my fear of the bridges around here in earthquake country miles and i took an epic journey to his soccer game in tiburon on bus, ferry, on foot and finally in a taxi.

tiburon is very beautiful, with the bay all around, pretty houses up the sides of hills, little stores and restaurants, boats and more boats, perfectly blue sky, no garbage, no loud buses or sirens.  sitting in a restaurant on the water, eating a kid meal burger while i sipped coffee to try and deny a hangover, miles noted that everyone in tiburon looked the same.  he was right.  same clothes, same hairstyle, same hair color, same skin color.  several older men drove by in expensive looking race cars.  when miles' soccer team showed up the homogeneity was broken up a tiny bit by our mexican, samoan, african-american, and asian soccer players.  they were robbed of the game, which was 2-2 and should have been a win for us.  yes, us, that is how close i feel to my kid's soccer team.

the ferry took us back to pier 41 and we walked off into a sea of action.  a band covered current pop hits so well the crowd was dancing like crazy, people from all over putting their hands in the air, babies being bounced in strollers, drunk tattooed mamas, navy uniformed folks from fleet week, japanese tourists with cameras and big black rimmed glasses.  it was a par-tay, with thousands of people out to hear bluegrass, see ships, watch blue angels. like a benevolent many-eyed monster a gagantuan cruise ship watched over us.

Tiburon(above), Pier 41 (below)

miles had spoken about how he liked the peace in tiburon, asking also, of course, how much the houses cost there.  but we both agreed that, tonight at least, we liked the energy of the city better.  in the cooling early evening we walked along office parks with funky fountains and statues and dinosaur-era trees and plants before we saw two teenagers selling these awesome hats they painted themselves.  i splurged and got one for miles--it looked just right on his head.

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