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Sunday, May 27, 2012

carnaval 2012, kindergarten graduation

pineapple weed growing in a sidewalk crack, 23rd street by the hospital

maya's kindergarten graduation, note the emotion in the backs of the audience members
a dancer in the most excellent carnaval parade today. reminded me of new orleans more than usual, especially the haitian,bolivian, and peruvian crews.  

 at parque ninos de unidos the free farm stand was giving away acme bread, lettuces, pepper seedlings, chard, basil, and these flowering herbs.  the kids ran around high on candy from the parade topped with a watermelon ice pop (no watermelon, chocolate seeds).  miles and his buddy watched two teenagers with skin color and styles somewhat similar to theirs leaning on each other in the grass and laughing with some cute girls and miles said that that would be him and his buddy when they got older.  the neighborhood was full of the buzz of visitors for carnaval, and 23rd street was lovely as usual with landscaped sidewalks and friendly neighbors.  some happy and drunk older men had a pet siamese cat with them eating catfood beside their beer cooler.  tonight miles asked me to meditate with him, which we did with a hokey ipad app.  i am feeling melancholy about my kids growing up so fast, what else is new...

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