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Saturday, May 19, 2012

the map is the territory

tonight i went out with some co-workers to celebrate and say goodbye to two fellow speech and language pathologists who are getting married and moving away.  one to vegas and one to germany.  it was nice.  at the restaurant i bumped into an old friend from delaware who was going to an art opening later near my house.  i went on the way home and my friends from delaware were already gone but i spent a lot of time looking intently at this amazing amazing artwork.  i love that the gallery where this art was shown is two blocks from my home.  i wish i had $2000 bucks to spare to bring home this beautiful work.

one of our guinea pigs died last night and the kids were devastated.  it is so sad to see my boy child unable to express his feelings.  all he can express articulately is anger and joy.  he cried so hard and hid behind the couch sobbing when he heard the news.  i tried to tell him that he didn't have to talk but that i was here if he needed someone just to hug him but he just sobbed harder and put his hand up saying "don't, just don't".  it seems pretty biological how hard it is for boys to express their feelings.  my daughter, on the other hand, accepted her parents' hugs and cried about how she was heartbroken and accepted comfort. this morning she woke up early and  wrote this poem (spelling  corrected):

love will be found

he died, died, but i still love him
he was a great great friend
but there was a end

and he wasn't there again
prince mermaid

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