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Monday, May 21, 2012

edsource report

a brief conversation with a fellow parent this morning had my flee the city alarms ringing.  this parent recently went through a credentialing program to become a teacher, but this is not a good time to be hired in the schools, so she has gone back to work in the non-profit world.  she mentioned considering fleeing not just the city, but california.  she actually has options to move out of the country.

if you have time,  read this edsource report.  click download for the whole thing.  it will either make you want to go out and advocate for tax initiatives that may help the schools, or flee to another state.  or country.  i am sure you know this already, dear readers, but california is a mess.  a beautiful, complicated, mess.

repeat to self: look at my own kids, they are doing fine, they are doing fine.  and where would we flee anyway?  delaware?  a ritzy suburb somewhere?  canada?  i am not sure there is anywhere we could go, and say we did make it out of here to some land far away, how would it feel to be so alone?

there is history of people fleeing unacceptable conditions for promises from far-away lands. all of my ancestors left europe for america during the last two-hundred years.  my best friend left messy california for the relative wealth and stability of the midwest.   there is also history of people staying to fight those unacceptable conditions.  i am starting to feel that i need to step up my efforts to  improve things for our kids and state if we are not going to flee, but how?  it is daunting, but seems imperative.    and do we need an escape plan if things get really really bad?  the economy is getting pretty bad, and it is hard not to wonder if i am just duping myself believing that this is a good place to raise my kids.

once again, repeat to self:  look at your kids, they are doing fine, they are doing fine.  they like school, they have friends, they are at grade level or above, they are healthy and often very happy.

read the report and spread it around.

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