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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

giant value seals

maya spotted a man "sleeping in the dirt" today as we drove from bayshore to potrero.  seconds later she saw someone lying on the hill in the skate park, neatly tucked in under a tan blanket, rock-like in the grass.  she yelled "look" and then asked very seriously if we should invite people who are homeless into our home. she said it in a way that let me know the idea scared her a bit. but i was glad she asked.  when i told her she could give money to a shelter that would help find places for people to stay she quickly decided she would give away all her money.  then she changed her mind and said she would give "some".  she needs to save some for herself to buy hello kitty marshmallow lollipops at walgreens.


Brock Brake said...

I love this post! Kids are so transparent and honest about their feelings! I would like to get in touch with the author(s) of this blog to invite them to check out a new brand of extra-curricular art education in the city called Art Lyfe San Francisco. Our priority is to foster a love of art among Bay Area youths. We will be featuring guest professional artists in the community to visit classes and teach in their medium. We hope to create the next generation of artists in their community.

Brock Brake said...