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Thursday, September 13, 2012

sidewalk scaping appreciation video

walking through the mission, an unscripted homage to sidewalk scaping.

my ambitious son told me yesterday he wanted to live in the country when he grew up, in point arena. he would buy part  of our friend's land and then build a huge house, with a huge trampoline he could jump on all the time, and a soccer field.  he said he would stay in the city if he could live in a quiet part, with his own soccer field to play on. when we talked about how cities are good because people share common land, and how native americans didn't even think land could be owned, etc etc, he reconsidered and said that he would buy a house in a city next to a huge soccer field, buy it, and let other people and dogs play on it, too. he then asked me if i knew how much professional soccer players make..."millions, every game! yeah, baby!"  some of us have more drive to own, and own big, than others, all i can work on with my acquisitive kid is  making it seem just as rewarding to give as to acquire.  living in a small city space with a shared yard  could lead to desires for grandeur and space, but also to an appreciation of plants growing out of a former sidewalk square.

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