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Friday, September 28, 2012

out for a drink tonight at the homestead with two mama friends. we got carded which is starting to seem so ridiculous.  the guy checking ids said he was three years older than us.  i politely lied and said i would have carded him, too. we had a few old fashioneds and my friend scared me by demonstrating how fast her new electric tesla could fly on a city street.

we talked tonight about how our city kids were growing up in a place where they cannot help but be aware of socioeconomic differences.  we are in the middle of a huge pile.  it's not just a matter of who has more toys or cars around here.  some people are sleeping in the dirt, and others have several homes and travel to asia and take many vacations.  somehow my not so diverse childhood made me less concerned with money, and i am not quite sure this is a good or a bad thing.  we will see how it all pans out.

three little girls were chanting on the playground today about how mitt romney could not be allowed to win.  right now i hear a bunch of drunk kids outside chanting something at the bus stop.  what could it be?

recently i am seriously craving some peace and quiet. a place in the woods, with drips of water falling from wild rhododendrons or a fast moving river over rocks.  tired of drunk chanters and angry men with microphones yelling about jesus, and airplanes and buses and cars.

that electric car was wonderfully quiet, the sound of no garbage entering the air.

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